Bid for a property

Bid for a Property

Once you are on the Housing Register and you have received your Application Reference Number, you are ready to bid for a property online.

Your bidding information

Your Application Reference will arrive with a letter in the post.

This includes your:

  • Application reference number
  • Housing need band information
  • The date you joined the Register
  • And the size of property you can bid on.

You will need your Application Reference to register for the first time online.

Click on the sections below for other important information.


What you need to know about bidding

Properties are advertised every Wednesday for 1 week:

  • You can bid as early as 12:01am and as late as 23:59pm on the following Tuesday.
  • You can bid on up to 3 properties a week.
  • If you change your mind about a bid, you can move your bid to another property.
  • You will only be able to bid for properties that you qualify for.

By placing a bid on a property, you are expressing an interest only.

View available properties

You can view all available properties online or in the One Stop Shop at the Guildhall.

How bids are assessed

The highest bidder will be most in need of housing. You can read more about this here.

There is no advantage to bidding early in the cycle. 

Help with bidding

Contact our Rehousing Team for help with bidding:

  • Phone 0300 330 7003
  • Email
  • Or visit us at the One Stop Shop, the Guildhall.
Make an appeal

You can appeal a decision made on your housing application within 21 days of the decision.

You will need to show evidence of how you meet the criteria in West Northamptonshire Council.

Send an appeal online

Change in circumstances

Please email us your change in circumstances for your housing application. 

In your email please include your:

  • name,
  • date of birth
  • application reference
  • and your change in circumstances.

You will need to attach evidence to support your change of circumstance.

We accept certain types of supported documents.

If you are not able to attach evidence to your email it may also be handed in at the One Stop Shop, St Giles Square, St Giles Street, NN1 1DE.