Frozen pipes

News Date: 
Friday, January 4, 2019

As we head further into Winter it's important to keep an eye on the cold. Take a look at the few short tips below on how to avoid freezing pipes.

How to try and avoid your pipes freezing

If you‘re at home, use the thermostat to regulate the temperature.  During the day a good setting is 18°C – it’s a comfortable temperature and keeps the cost down.  If it’s freezing outside, set the heating to constant, but turn the thermostat lower for the night.

If you go away when the weather is cold, it is a good idea to leave the heating on but with the thermostat set to around 6°C.  This will stop your pipes freezing however there will be a small cost attached to this.  If you need further advice on fuel costs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you have frozen pipes

Turn off the water at the stopcock and switch on the cold taps to help melt the ice faster.

If you have a burst pipe

Turn off the water at the stopcock and switch off any water heaters.  Once you have done this, turn on all your taps to drain the rest of the water. If electric fittings are wet do not touch them and turn off the electricity at the meter. If any ceilings start to bulge, pierce a small hole to release the water and remember to put a bucket underneath to catch the water!

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