Housing Advice Sessions

Emilia Ditri

Abington, Headlands, Thorplands, Thorplands Brook

Thorplands Community Cafe, 28 Holmecross Road, Thorplands, NN3 8AW - 2nd Monday of the month 10-12pm

Abington Library, Lindsay Ave, Northampton, NN3 2SJ - dates/times tbc


Dan Bush

Briar Hill, Camp Hill, Far Cotton/Delapre

Blackberry Lane community hub, Briar Hill, Northampton NN4 8QU - 2nd Tuesday of the month 1-4pm

George Nutt Community Hub, George Nutt Court, Far Cotton, Northampton, NN4 8JP - 1st Wednesday of the month 10-12pm


Emma Hall

Bellinge, Billing Road, Great Billing, Great Houghton, Little Billing, Town Centre

Market Street, Exeter Place, Northampton, NN1 4BG – 1st Friday of the month - 10-12pm

Bellinge Community House - 1st Tuesday of the month 10-12pm


Tracey Pike

Kingsley, Lakeview, Semilong

Semilong Youth and Community Centre. Semilong - 1st Friday of the month - 10am - 12pm

Leicester Street Community Hub, The Racecourse, NN1 3RS - 2nd Friday of the month - 2pm - 4pm

Eden Close Community Hub, Lakeview, Northampton, NN3 6NS - Last Wednesday of the month 2-4pm


Kathryn Lomas

Kingsheath, Paget House

Free2Talk Hub, Park Square, Kingsheath, NN5 7LQ - 2nd Thursday of the month - 1:30pm-4:00pm


Liz Percival

Spring Boroughs, Spencer

Spring Boroughs Community Hub, St Peters House, Bath Street, Spring Boroughs, Northampton, NN1 2SH - Last Wednesday of the month 1:30-3:30pm

Spencer Dallington Community Centre, Tintern Ave, Northampton, NN5 7BZ - 1st Thursday of the month 1:30-3:30pm


Natalie Simmons in partnership with local policing team and neighbourhood warden

Cherry Orchard, Lings, Lumbertubs, Southfields & Standens Barn

Neighbourhood Drop In - Brookside Community Hub, Billing Brook Road, Northampton, NN3 8NQ - Last Monday of the month 2-4pm


Steve Hunt

Obelisk Rise, Sunnyside, Kingsthorpe Hollow

Housing advice sessions tbc


Tania Mills

Cottarville, Eastfield, Ecton Brook, Overstone Lodge, Weston Favell

Bippin Brook Community Centre, Ecton Brook, Northampton - Last Friday of the month,10am - 12pm

St Albans Church, Broadmead Avenue, Eastfield - 1st Friday of the month 10am - 12pm (starting 5th July)


Ellie Holmes

Arlbury Road, Woodfield, Blackthorn, Rectory Farm, Goldings

Blackthorn Children’s Centre, Longmead Court, Northampton, NN3 8QD

1st Wednesday of the month 1-3pm

3rd Wednesday of the month 1-3pm


April West

Collingtree, Dallington, Duston and Hopping Hill, Hardingstone, Hunsbury Heath, Rye Hill, Wootton

Eastfield Close Community Hub, Duston, Northampton, NN5 6TJ - 1st Wednesday of the month 10-12pm

Montague Crescent Community Hub, Hawksmoor Way, Lodge Farm, Northampton, NN5 7RG - Last Tuesday of the month 1-3pm

Dale Illing


St David’s Church, Eastern Ave, Kingsthorpe, Northampton, NN2 7QB - 1st Thursday of the month 9:30-1pm


Rob Wheeler

Centenary House, St James

Housing advice surgeries:

St James Library, 138 St James Road, Northampton NN5 5LQ - 1st Thursday of the month, 10:00 - 12:00