Contact your Housing Officer

Contact your Housing Officer

Your housing officer is there to help with questions about your home and tenancy.

Visit our Contact Us page or phone 0300 330 7003 to contact your Housing Officer.

You can also click on your area to find out useful information about your neighbourhood.

Housing Officers by area:


Sarah Wilding

AbingtonThorplands, Thorplands Brook


Dan Bush

Briar Hill, Camp Hill, Far Cotton & Collingtree


Emma Hall

BellingeGreat Houghton, Little Billing, Great BillingTown Centre


Helen Jones

Billing Road, Lakeview, Cherry Orchard, CottarvilleHeadlands, Overstone Lodge, Weston Favell


Caroline Murray

Kingsheath & Paget House


Liz Percival

HardingstoneSpring Boroughs


Claire Webb

Lings, LumbertubsSouthfieldsStandens Barn


Milli Baah

Eastfield, Ecton Brook


Ellie Holmes



Annika Allen

Dallington, Duston and Hopping Hill, Rye Hill, Upton, Wootton


Alexis Hicks



Douglas Tate

KIngsthorpe HollowObelisk RiseSpencerSunnyside


Rob Wheeler

Delapre, Eleanor Lodge, St James


Amber Cardall

Kingsley, Centenary HouseHunsbury Heath



St Crispin, Rectory Farm, Semilong, Woodfield