Housing Register FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about the Housing Register

When will I know if my application for the Housing Register has been successful?

We will let you know if you have been successful within 28 days.

Make sure to supply all your supporting documents with the application. If you don’t submit all your documentation your application could be delayed or cancelled.

I’ve registered for Housing. Why can’t I bid?

After making the application it is then assessed by Northampton Partnership Homes. We check that you meet the need for housing according to Northampton Borough Council's Allocations Policy.

We’ll let you know once you have been accepted onto the register and provide you with information so you can bid.

My application has been suspended. Why?

This could be for a number of reasons. We could need further information about your or a member of your household which we haven’t received.

We will always write and tell you why your application is suspended and what to do to stop this. We won’t cancel your application but please contact us to provide the information.

I’ve been given a banding. What does this mean?

The banding you have been given is based on your need for housing. Find out more about banding and how we allocate housing.

I want to appeal the decision on my banding. How long will this take?

You have 28 days to make an appeal. We have 56 days to answer.

You can make an appeal online.

I have not been allocated a working star. Why?

To get a working star you must:

  • be working for 16 hours or over
  • have been working for 9 months or longer
  • and be working in Northampton.

Why do I need a local connection to join the Housing Register?

The local connection is a condition in our Housing Allocations & Choice Based Lettings Scheme.

To have a local connection you must either:

  • Show evidence that you are living in Northampton for the last three years.
  • Work in Northampton for over 16 hours per week for the last 9 months.
  • Support a close relative who has lived in Northampton for 5 years or require support yourself. You must be unable to get support in your current location.

Unfortunately, having a close relative who lives in Northampton does not provide a local connection. If you move away from Northampton and come back later, this also does not provide a local connection.