New apprentices join the Repairs Team

News Date: 
Tuesday, November 6, 2018

This autumn NPH has welcomed the first trades apprentices to their Repairs Team.

Jake, Finn, Peter, Harry and Jordan are the first apprentices to join the repairs team since NPH was created over 3 years ago.

Jake and Peter are training to be electricians, Harry and Jordan are training to be plumbers, and Finn is training to be a carpenter.

The five are currently settling into life as an apprentice. They are being mentored by senior members of the team in their respective trades. They are already learning the tools of the trade and meeting NPH tenants at repairs appointments. The apprenticeships also include one day a week at college to develop their skills and gain a formal City & Guilds Trade qualification.


Peter who is training to be an Electrician said:

“I’ve always been interested in electrics and I did a little bit of work at home before getting this opportunity. My uncle is the real driver behind me wanting to go into a trade. He is a plumber and he said I should go for this! For me, I think it’s the experience you get from an apprenticeship that is most important. I’ve learnt a lot so far about resistance, RDCS and different circuits.”

Practice makes perfect. Jordan, who is training to be a Plumber said: “I’ve been practicing at home what I’ve learnt at work, things like refitting taps in the bathroom!”

Four of the apprentices are from Northamptonshire, with one coming from nearby Milton Keynes.

Repairs Manager Lee Burdett said “These appointments mark a big step for NPH and our repairs team as we are working with and training our own apprentices. It gives us a great opportunity to develop our own staff for the future. Taking an apprenticeship is popular because it provides a balance between education and work, allowing you to learn, get experience and have a salary. The new apprentices are so enthusiastic and eager to learn! I’m really proud to be working with them”.

Funding for these apprenticeships was provided by the government through the apprenticeship levy. NPH is committed to providing opportunities and training to school leavers including NPH tenants, with an increase in apprenticeships across the organisation.