Our commitment to building new affordable homes

News Date: 
Tuesday, July 7, 2020

We believe that safe, secure and affordable homes are a basic human need; critical for health, strong family relationships, educational attainment and employment.

A shortage of affordable homes results in: households paying rents that make other essential outgoings unaffordable; overcrowding; poor quality homes; and in some cases, homelessness – of which the social impact is devastating.

That’s why we have pledged to build 1000 homes over the next 10 years, with the aspiration to achieve over 3000. We will also make these homes:

  • Sustainable; minimising the impact on our planet and on household energy costs.
  • Attractive and high quality; contributing to the wider regeneration of Northampton.
  • Efficiently and safely constructed; using off-site manufactured housing and a local supply chain.


Helen Town, our assistant director for asset management and development, said:

“Housing demand in Northampton is a serious issue, so we’re really motivated to build as many homes as we can. We’re absolutely joined at the hip with the council on that.

Our development strategy is us saying publicly that this is our vision, and that we’re really serious about this. We will explore every opportunity we can do to achieve our vision.

This will help us to replace some of the homes sold through right to buy, but it will only scratch the surface in terms of the huge demand for affordable housing locally.”

You can read more about how we will achieve our ambitious plans in our new ‘Development Strategy’, available to read here: NPH Development Strategy.


More investment in social housing will help to boost the economy, create jobs and improve people’s lives at a time when our nation needs it most. This is why we are supporting the ‘Homes at the Heart’ campaign, which is asking the government to consider a once-in-a-generation investment in social housing.

We would welcome extra funding, as this would help us to achieve our aspiration of building 3000 new, affordable, homes over the next decade.

The ‘Homes at the Heart’ campaign is a partnership between Chartered Institute of Housing, Crisis, National Federation of ALMOs, Association of Retained Council Housing and National Housing Federation; along with over 60 supporters from across different sectors.

For more information about the campaign, visit www.housing.org.uk/HomesAtTheHeart