Types of repairs

Repair priorities

When requesting a repair, we will place it into one of three categories, each with their own priority and timescale to complete.


An emergency repair includes:

  • work to remove immediate danger to people
  • avoid serious damage to the property; or
  • if it is required to make the property secure.

Timescale: We will attend an emergency repair within 24 hours. This may involve follow up works after making the property safe.


An urgent repair includes:

  • work needed to quickly prevent immediate damage to the property
  • overcoming serious inconvenience to you; or
  • potential health and safety or security risk.

Timescale: We will attend an urgent repair within 7 days.


A routine repair includes non-urgent work but it cannot wait until a program of planned maintenance takes place in your area.

Timescale for internal repairs: We will attend an internal routine repair within 25 days.

Timescale for external repairs: We will attend an external routine repair within 45 days.


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