Flexible Tenancy

What is a flexible tenancy?

A flexible tenancy is still a secure tenancy but unlike a lifetime secure tenancy it will usually last for a fixed period of time. 

We will usually offer a flexible tenancy for a 5 year period, This will follow on from an initial 12 month introductory tenancy.

In exceptional circumstances we will offer a 2 year flexible tenancy and the reasons for this are set out within the Tenancy Policy. 

Flexible Tenancy rights

A flexible tenancy gives you almost the same rights as a secure tenancy, however you will not have:

  • the right to make improvements
  • and the right to compensation for improvements. 

Reviewing your flexible tenancy

We will visit you at home 12 months before your flexible tenancy is due to end.

The purpose of this visit is to check on your circumstances and consider all other relevant factors such as the conduct of your tenancy and the condition of the property. We will decide whether you are granted either a further flexible tenancy or whether you are to be granted a lifetime secure tenancy. If you are granted a further tenancy this may not necessarily be at the same property. 

You can seek a review of our decision. You must request a review within 21 days of being given notice of our decision. 

If it is decided you are not going to be granted a further tenancy then we will serve you with a notice at least 2 months before your tenancy is due to end.