Ending your tenancy

You need to give 4 weeks’ notice before ending your tenancy.

To do this, complete a Notice of intention to terminate a tenancy form.

If you are transferring your tenancy or moving to a nursing or residential home you will normally need to give a weeks’ notice.

Who can terminate a tenancy?

Any tenant can give notice to end their tenancy.

If you hold a joint tenancy:

Either tenant can give notice.

If one of the tenants is remaining with us, we can decide to award the tenant a tenancy in their sole name. We will consider whether he or she is still eligible for the home they currently live in and look at the arrangements of the previous tenancy.

If you have Power of Attorney:

When you have Power of Attorney on behalf of a tenant, you are able to serve notice for them, if the situation is appropriate.

Breaches of tenancy:

We will ask the courts for a Possession Order to end a tenancy in circumstances where tenancy conditions have been breached.

What happens if I'm swapping my property?

If you have written permission for a mutual exchange you need to complete a termination of tenancy form. This form records the date the exchange will take place so you’re old and new tenancy end and start together.

Handing in your keys

Your tenancy does not finish until you have handed in your keys.

Keys should be handed in at the One Stop Shop at the Guildhall by noon on the Monday when your notice period expires.

A Customer Services Officer will give you a receipt.

If you complete your four week notice period but have not handed in your keys, we will continue to charge rent to your account.

Please also make sure to return your door fob (for flats), gas card and electric key (for pre-payment meters) at the same time as your door key.

What happens if I change my mind and want to withdraw my notice?

You can withdraw your notice at any time within the 4 weeks. By law the Council does not have to accept your withdrawal. If your reasons for staying are acceptable we may accept your notice. Speak to your housing officer about the circumstances which led to you wishing to withdraw your notice.

My relative has died. What should I do?

You should inform us as soon as possible and complete a termination form.

We may allow up to 2 weeks, upon request, before you need to clear items from the home. No rent will be charged on the account.

Payment of Housing Benefit will stop on the Sunday following the tenant's death.

What happens if I have rent arrears?

We expect you to clear any rent arrears (or other debts on your rent account) before you leave your home.

We will look to recover any outstanding monies owed to the Council after a tenancy has ended.

If a tenancy ends because the tenant has passed away, their estate will be liable for the debt.

If you have rent arrears, it is unlikely you will be able to transfer to another Council property.