Rent a garage

Northampton Partnership Homes manage a number of Council garages in Northampton that you can rent to store your vehicle or to store personal items.

How to apply for a garage

To rent a garage you will need to apply online.

You will be asked to register your details and choose which neighbourhood you would like to rent a garage in.

Applicants should supply supporting documents within 28 days of their application. We will no longer be sending out documents to applicants.

This includes proof of identification and your current home address. See our list of supported documents below for more information.

All garage rents are charged weekly, a month in advance.


Apply For A Garage


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How are garages allocated?

Once your application for a garage is made, it is assessed against Northampton Borough Council’s Garage Allocation Policy.

Your application will be given a band and effective date.

The application with the highest banding will be given the higest priority.

The banding is based on the circumstances you provided. The effective date is the date that your application was assessed and registered.


During the assessment, your application is placed into a banding. The banding will be Band A or Band B.

First priority for a garage is given to Northampton Borough Council tenants in Band A. 

Band A has 8 priority groups. 

Applicants who don’t fall into that category are placed in Band B.

Band B has 9 priority groups.

Applicants who are considered by Northampton Partnership Homes, in consultation with Northampton Borough Council, to have an urgent need for a garage, or already have a garage and need an emergency transfer to another garage, are given priority within each of these bands. 

Applicants who have a disability, or live with someone who has a disability, and have a valid Blue Badge, are also given priority within each of the bands.

Supporting documents needed to apply

When you make an application to rent a garage you will also need to provide supporting documents.

We will need to see the following documentation:

  • Proof of identification - Driving licence, passport, or birth certificate
  • Proof of current address - Document must be dated within the last three months
  • Proof of vehicle ownership/lease - V5/Log book (If you do not own the vehicle you drive we will need to see proof of the V5/Log book or lease and a current insurance schedule naming you as a driver).
  • Proof of date of birth - If not provided in the information above for identification
  • Proof of National Insurance number - National Insurance number card, DWP or Tax letter, wage slip
  • Driving licence - If not provided in the information above for identification
  • Daytime contact details
  • If required, a Blue badge permit.
What is the cost of renting a garage?

It costs £9.45* per week without VAT to rent a garage.

The VAT cost per week is £1.89. 

*Please note if you are applying for a garage in the town centre and live outside the town centre the cost per week is £24.47 without VAT. This rental includes a surcharge. The VAT cost for this type of rental is £4.89 per week. 

The VAT cost is not applicable to Council Tenants.

Ending a garage license agreement

You must let us know a week in advance if you wish to end your garage rental. 

You can email, contact NPH on 0300 330 7003 or visit the One Stop Shop at the Guildhall.