Smart shower timer trial

We're working in partnership with Anglian Water to trial 2000 smart shower timers in our properties. 

Did you know that our region is one of the driest in the country? Water is precious and Anglian Water needs all of our help to save it. If we use less water, Anglian Water doesn't have to take so much out of the rivers and reservoirs. This helps to protect the local environment and support communities to make sure there is enough water to go around for everyone. 

Activities in the home like showering or bathroom use makes up 30% of daily household water use. By focusing on one water saving activity, to spend less time in the shower, families can save up to £120 a year on their water and energy bills. 

These smart shower timers will help you to: 

  • Keep track of your water useage; and
  • Compare your weekly water stats. 

How do the timers work?

The timers use new technology that will give you information on how much water you use in the shower. Once it's installed in your shower, it will be activated by moisture from your shower and the display will show you how long you've been in the shower. It works automatically without needing to connect to your Internet. It will also show a QR code which you can scan with a smartphone to see your data and tips on reducing your water usage. 

If you have received a shower timer, or one has been installed in your home and you would like to know how to use it, please download this leaflet for more information. 

What's the benefit of the shower timers?

The shower timers offer a range of benefits, to you, to us and to the environment. 

By cutting down the time you spend in the shower, you could save up to £120 a year on your water and energy bills. You'll save 15 litres of water for every minute less you spend in the shower. That's great for your bills, and it's a lot of water saved for tomorrow too! 

The timers include exciting new technology which monitors the temperature and humidity in the bathroom. This will help us to be proactive about recognising homes where there's a risk of damp and mould occuring, as the timers will send us an alert if there's a potential problem. We'll use this information to be proactive and stop this becoming a bigger issue. This could include information on improving ventilation, us arranging an inspection to check everything's okay, or taking steps to make repairs if they're needed. This information will not be shared with Anglian Water. 

Have any questions?

We hope you will enjoy challenging yourself and your family to see who can cut down their showers the most! If you have any problems with your shower timer, please get in touch and we'll be happy to help. 

We're sorry if you aren't offered a shower timer during this initial trial. 

* Anglian Water will not receive personal water usage data. All data is anonymised and no personal data will be shared between Anglian Water and Northampton Partnership Homes. 

For useful hints and tips to help you save water, please visit: