Your Housing officer

Your Housing Officer

NPH have a team of Housing Officers for each area across Northampton. 

How can they help?

Housing Officers help you manage your tenancy.

This includes:

  • day to day housing enquiries
  • advice on your tenancy
  • how to report flytipping
  • advice on moving home to include mutually exchanging
  • making a referral to our in house Housing Support service
  • fire safety management and advice
  • keeping you and your home safe

Who is my Housing Officer?

Contact and view your Housing Officer

Your housing officer is there to help with questions about your home and tenancy.

Visit our Contact Us page or phone 0300 330 7003 to contact your Housing Officer.

Click on the sections below for more information.


Housing Advice Sessions

Your Housing Officer will be holding an ‘Advice Session’ every month at a central location where you can go and speak to them about any housing related need.

  • Do you have a question you’d like to ask your Housing Officer?
  • Need to talk about your tenancy?
  • Need some advice paying for your rent and service charges?
  • Do you feel unsafe in your neighbourhood?

These monthly sessions are the perfect time for you to let your Housing Officer know.

They are of course free to attend and you don’t need to book. All you need to do is turn up and take a seat!

Our Housing Officers are also available to meet on the NPH Community Bus.

To find out when our community bus is coming to an area near you, please view our timetable here with more information.

Welfare and Tenancy support

If you need any help maintaining your tenancy, your Housing Officer is there for you when you need them. Your Housing Officer will also work closely with our Tenancy Support Team if you need any extra support.

You can contact your officer through the contact details above.

Changes to your tenancy

Housing Officers deal with anything that affects your tenancy, such as:

  • when your tenancy conditions have not been met;
  • requests to change names on tenancies;
  • tenancy successions;
  • transfer requests; and
  • mutual exchange requests.
Property inspections

Housing Officers do regular inspections of the communal areas of blocks of flats - you will be notified before a visit if the Housing Officer wants access to your property.

We operate a zero tolerance policy on fire safety, and any items left in the communal areas will have to be removed.

Moving in to your home

Once you've moved into your new home, our Housing Officers will contact you within 2 weeks to see how you're settling in.

Your Housing Officer will also arrange a visit after you’ve been in the property for 6 months to make sure there are no issues with your new home.

Though you can speak to your Housing Officer if you need support maintaining your tenancy. Our Rent Income Officers are the first point of contact if you are struggling to pay your rent. 


Tenancy and Property Updates

We offer a range of services and recognise that some tenants are unaware of them and have very little or no interaction with us.

We have a team of Housing Officers that work in neighbourhoods and they are now making appointments to meet tenants, many of whom they will not have met before. These visits will be booked by way of a letter offering an appointment. The visits will allow the Housing Officer to meet with you, see how you are managing in your home and discuss any issues of concern that you may have.

The Housing Officer will offer a range of advice and make you aware of what help is available should you need it.