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Mutual Exchanges

Our mutual exchange service has now opened back up. Please find out more information below and complete your application.

A mutual exchange is when you swap homes with another tenant. This can be an easier and quicker way to find a new home.

Homeswapper service

Mutual Exchanges happen through a home swapping service.

Northampton Partnership Homes is registered with Homeswapper.

Homeswapper looks for possible swaps in the location you prefer. It then saves the swaps for later so you can review your matches at any time.

You must ask permission from NPH first before agreeing a home swap with another tenant.

Apply for a Mutual Exchange

If you have a secure tenancy, you can register for free on homeswapper and get advice from NPH to help you with your move.

We have been made aware that our Mutual Exchange form is currently working intermittently. Please email if you have any queries.

All parties considering a Mutual Exchange need to fill out a form on our website even if they are from another Council or Housing Association, until all applications are received the Mutual Exchange process cannot be started.

Apply for a mutual exchange

Click on the sections below for other important information.


The details about exchanging

Your landlord will need to give you permission before any exchange can go ahead

If you exchange without permission you may be forced to move back. Any housing benefit entitlement will also end on the day you moved without permission.

We normally approve your exchange. 

If we haven’t approved your excahnge this may be because:

  • You or the other tenant swapping has breached their tenancy agreement 
  • NPH or the other landlord is in the process of taking legal action against either tenant for breach of their tenancy conditions 
  • the properties to be swapped are too big or too small
  • the properties to be swapped have disabled adaptations that are no longer needed 
  • the other landlord does not allow exchanges.

Before we give approval we do some checks:

  • We inspect your current home to ensure that it is still in good condition.
  • We will identify any repairs or redecoration that are your responsibility before you leave. A follow up visit will be done to check that these have been done. 
  • We check your rent account.

If you owe any rent your move will be delayed until your arrears or any other housing related debts have been paid off. 

How long will our decision take?

By law we must make a decision within 6 weeks (42 days) from the date of your application. Our target is to let you know within 4 weeks.

Once we write to give permission for the exchange to go ahead you must attend to the things the Council has asked you to do before you move.

When you exchange, both tenants must accept the other property in the condition in which it is left (including the decoration). The landlord will carry out routine repairs in accordance with your tenancy agreement but it will be your responsibility to repair any damage caused by the previous tenant. 


Do you need to downsize?

You could earn £500

If your circumstances change and your Council home becomes too big for your needs, we can help you move to a more suitable property and complete any adaptations needed to your new home. 

The Council runs a scheme to help tenants move to smaller properties. 

If you have been affected by welfare reforms, depending on your circumstances, you could be entitled to a one off payment.

The benefits of this scheme are:

  • As an under-occupier you are likely to get the highest priority for a move. You can bid for properties every week. 
  • We can provide practical advice and support throughout the moving process and we will show you how to bid for a smaller property on the Your Home website
  • We can accompany you when you look at a new home and we can advise you on clearing your old property of unwanted furniture and carpets.
  • If you accept an offer of a smaller Council, housing association or private rented property you could qualify for a one off payment. 

A smaller home may be easier for you to manage. You could also reduce your rent, Council Tax and heating bills.


If you would like any further information call our rehousing officers on 01604 837942.

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