Being a leaseholder


Find information on NPH's leasehold services for people that own their own leasehold flat.

Our Leaseholder Services team can help you with general issues relating to your leasehold such as service charges, repairs and maintenance and communal areas.

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Service Charges

Service Charges

Your landlord is responsible for maintaining the main structure of the building and shared areas.

This includes any:

  • maintenance,
  • repairs
  • and major works that are needed.

Service charges cover the cost of this maintenance and repair work. They do not cover the cost of any major works to the building. This is billed separately once we have completed the work.

The service charges are shared among leaseholders following the terms of your lease.

Ground Rent

Ground rent is a one off charge that a leaseholder pays once a year for renting the land.

The charge is set within your lease at £10.

Buildings insurance

We are responsible for arranging insurance cover for the building you live in.

Buildings insurance provides cover to repair loss or damage to the structure of your home (inside or outside) as a result of a specific event such as fire, storm, water damage or vandalism. Leaseholders must be covered by buildings insurance under the terms of your lease. We will send you a bill for your buildings insurance each year, along with a summary of the cover.

You do not have to arrange buildings insurance. However we do suggest that you take out contents insurance to cover your possessions.

Repairs to leasehold properties

Responsibility for repairs

Leaseholders are responsible for maintaining the inside of your flat.

This includes all fixtures and fittings such as:

  • kitchen units and sinks,
  • ceilings,
  • floors
  • and windows.

You are also responsible for repairing any leaks or burst pipes in your property and making sure your boiler and gas appliances are safe.

We are responsible for repairs to the outside of your property

This includes outside walls, the roof, the foundations of the building and lifts and shared areas of the building. You will need to pay towards the costs of any repairs and maintenance we carry out. We will let you in advance if we are planning any Planned Investment work for your area.

You can report a repair online or by phone on 0300 330 7003.

Services for leaseholders


Our cleaning team, Just Ask clean all shared areas of flats. If you want to contact our cleaning team direct you can email

Grounds Maintenance

Our grounds maintenance team, Continental Landscapes maintain the grounds around flats. This includes grass cutting. If you want to contact our grounds maintenance team direct you can email


We are responsible for maintaining the lighting in shared areas of flats. You can report a faulty communal light online.

Letting your leasehold property

Letting your flat

A leaseholder can let out their flat as a landlord. To do this you must:

  • Let us know you are renting out the property
  • Provide us with your new address and contact details
  • Provide us with contact details for your tenants or managing agent
  • Make sure all tenants keep to the terms of the lease
Get Involved

Get involved

We want all our tenants and leaseholders to have the opportunity to get involved.

Give us feedback on our service or get involved in one of our Leaseholder “Open House” surgeries. Details of the surgeries can be found by contacting our Leaseholder Services Team on 0300 330 7003.