Being a tenant

Your tenancy

The information on this page is a guide to your tenancy.

Your Tenancy Agreement provides a fuller description of tenant responsibilities and can be printed for you if needed, just give us a call on 0300 330 7003. You can also watch our handy video.




Your responsibilities as a tenant

As a tenant you are responsible for:

  • living in the property as your main home and paying the rent and any other charges in full when they are due  
  • taking care of the property 
  • keeping the inside properly decorated, and do any repairs you are responsible for
  • making sure that members of your household, guests, visitors or pets do not cause nuisance or annoy neighbours and behave in a reasonable way
  • making sure there is no harassment or threatening behaviour towards anyone, including our staff and contractors
  • informing us when you are going to be away from your home for more than 4 weeks, for example if you are going into hospital
  • giving us 4 weeks written notice of wanting to move out of the property (except for transfers) and leaving it in good condition when you leave.

Ever wondered which repairs you are responsible for? Click here to find out


Permission to make changes to your home

If you would like any changes or modifications to your home, you first need to request permission.

We have created an online form to make the process easier. Once submitted, one of our team will review this and get back to you on whether this has been approved.

Please fill out the form with as much detail as possible to give our team a good idea of the works you’re planning.

Changes to your home

Our responsibilities as your landlord

NPH is responsible for:

  • consulting with you before we make any changes to your tenancy
  • keeping your home in good repair (including internal communal areas and garages)
Your tenancy

Your Tenancy Agreement may be secure or an introductory tenancy, which will be followed by a secure tenancy as long as all tenancy conditions have been met.

If you hold a joint tenancy then both parties are responsible for all of the terms of the tenancy agreement being met, such as paying the rent and not causing a nuisance and annoyance to others. There may be a time when you want us to consider changing your sole tenancy in to a joint tenancy with another person. We will consider such requests to include your relationship with the other person, whether they live with you and if so how long that has been. If you want us to consider another person being added to your tenancy then you may request this by completing the tenancy change request form

Click here to open your NPH Tenancy Agreement


You can read more on each below:


Ending your tenancy

You need to give 4 weeks’ notice before ending your tenancy.

To do this, complete a Notice of intention to terminate a tenancy form

These are the most frequently asked questions about ending your tenancy.


Tenancy Fraud

We take tenancy fraud very seriously

Tenancy fraud is illegal and action will be taken against people who are caught abusing the system. In some cases we can take re-possession of the property if there is evidence of fraud.

This includes when a home is occupied by someone who should not be living there or where the tenancy has been obtained fraudulently. 

Types of Tenancy Fraud

Tenancy Fraud includes:

  • Unlawful Subletting - subletting the whole, or part, of a property without the landlord’s permission.
  • Succession Fraud - when someone continues to live in a property after the tenant has died, falsely claiming to have been resident in order to obtain the tenancy.
  • Allocation Fraud - when false information is used on a Housing Application in order to obtain a tenancy.
  • Right to Buy Fraud - when false statements are made in order to purchase a property.
  • Abandonment - when a tenant is no longer living in the property.
  • Key Selling - when a tenant vacates a property and passes on the keys in return for a one off lump sum payment or favour.
  • Unauthorised Mutual Exchanges - when tenants swap properties without the landlord’s permission.

If you suspect someone is committing tenancy fraud, please let us know - it could make a home available to an individual or family in genuine need.


All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.    

Applying for a garage

Some of our properties have garages and we also have stand alone garages in a number of locations - If they become free you can apply for them using our online form.   

Applying to own a dog

We understand that pets are much loved family members and if you live in a house, you can keep a maximum of two dogs. 

Dogs are not permitted in flats or bedsits unless:

  • you need a guide dog;
  • your GP, or another health or wellbeing professional, has recommended you keep one;
  • you are a repeat victim of crime;

Please make sure that you give us enough information to make a decision.

You can apply using our online form  


Pest Control

In limited circumstances we offer a free pest control service, delivered by an approved contractor. This service is only available where the pest problem affects a shared communal area for properties such as flats, bedsits and maisonettes.

The type of pests that we can offer an eradication service for include the following:

  • Rats
  • Bees and wasps
  • Squirrels
  • Pigeons
  • Other pests depending on their type and the circumstances

We do not provide a pest control service to tenants that live in houses or where the pest problem is confined to an individual flat, bedsit or maisonette.

If you are suffering from a pest problem, infestation or need further general advice then please contact us directly on 0300 330 7003.