We're helping to spread seeds of hope

News Date: 
Friday, June 12, 2020

In these strange times, we want to spread a little joy and hope in our local neighbourhoods. 

We're offering free packets of seeds to our residents, and representatives of community and volunteer groups doing great things to benefit the community. The seeds will be sent in the post and as soon as they drop through letterboxes, can be sprinkled in gardens, sowed in plant pots – or even an old baked bean tin! All that’s needed is a little imagination to spread some happiness and hope in your neighbourhood. 

We're encouraging those who receive seeds to share photos of their progress as they grow. Your photos will be posted on social media to share the joy with the wider community. 

Anna Thorpe, NPH Resident Involvement Officer said “We know how stressful recent times have been for many of our residents, and that lots of people have been finding comfort in their gardens and in wildlife. Growing things is great for our mental health and for the environment, so we want to help people bring the great outdoors a little closer to home!”

If you’re an NPH resident or community group, you can request seeds by sending your name and address to getinvolved@nph.org.uk. You can also call 01604 837836 and leave a message with your name and address. If you’re from a community group, please mention the name of the group.

There are limited numbers of seeds though, so make sure you get in there quickly!

Head over to our Facebook page ‘NPH Connect’ for more information.